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The Center Will Be Closed On

November 24th & 25th  In Observance Of The Thanksgiving Holiday

Imagine That Childcare

Where children are encouraged to

explore, experience, discover and grow!


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Room Objectives

Preschool (3-5 Years)

Imagine That Childcare believes that learning at this age takes place through play, touch, manipulation and experimentation.

We believe in the importance of providing children with many opportunities to learn about the world around them to stimulate both their growth and development.

Our teachers plan weekly and monthly theme-related activities appropriate to the interests and abilities of the children in our preschool program.

Our objectives in the Preschool Room:

  • Enhance auditory and memory by characterizing alike and different words, rhyming games and retelling stories in sequence.
  • Promote community and social skills by encouraging cooperating, helping, negotiating and integrating positive guidance to solve interpersonal problems.
  • Imaginative development through dramatization, creative storytelling and role playing.
  • Science exploration including planting a garden, weather, experiments and activities.
  • Enhance fine motor skills through a variety of puzzles, constructions sets and art materials. Art materials will include scissors, glue, markers and crayons.
  • Introducing early childhood math concepts through classifying, sorting, patterning and number recognition.
  • Promote expression through art and music with emphasis on both cultural and intellectual growth.
  • Provide an adequate amount of free and outdoor play to ensure happy preschoolers each day!

Preschool Daily Schedule

7:00 am

Center Opens

8:00 am

Small group activities - Arrivals

8:00 am


8:30 am

Clean Up / Toileting / Hand Washing

9:00 am

Circle Time, Calendar, and Weather

9:30 am


10:30 am

Centers (will vary according to themes) Possible outside play if weather permits

11:00. am


12:00 pm

Nap Time

12:30 pm

Transition to Naptime / Toileting / Hand Washing

2:00 pm

Free Time

2:30 pm

Afternoon Activity (will vary according to theme)

3:00 pm


3:15 pm

Outdoor Activities - Inside Play if Inclement Weather

5:00 pm

Small Group Activities

6:00 pm

Center Closes