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The Center Will Be Closed On

November 24th & 25th  In Observance Of The Thanksgiving Holiday

Imagine That Childcare

Where children are encouraged to

explore, experience, discover and grow!


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Room Objectives

Tiny Tots (12-19 Months)

Imagine That understands a Tiny Tots need for independence as well as their need to have an adult close by in case they need assistance. Our teachers will provide a safe environment for our Tiny Tots to develop and express their imagination and creative potential.

Room Objectives:

  • To provide daily opportunities for exploration of their surroundings through safe indoor and outdoor experiences.
  • To encourage and strengthen verbal skills through imaginative play, nursery rhymes, one-on-one conversations, music, art and stories.
  • To explore and learn about their own world through sensory development.
  • To promote social and emotional awareness by understanding their feelings and perceptions.
  • To understand their needs for solitary and parallel play and encourage social skills such as sharing.
  • To promote physical and gross motor skill development by marching, ball playing, riding toys, jumping, climbing and outdoor play.
  • To enhance fine motor skills through puzzles, stacking blocks, and shape sorting toys.
  • To encourage creativity and promote thinking skills by providing art exploration that is age appropriate.


7:00 am

Center Opens

7:00 am

Discovery Play - Group Play

7:30 am


7:45 am

Diaper Changing/Toileting

8:15 am


8:45 am

Small Motor Builders (puzzles, blocks)

9:00 am

Tiny Tot Snack

9:45 am

Diaper Changing/Toileting

10:15 am

Outdoor Play if Weather Permits

11:00 am


11:30 am


12:00 pm

Diaper Changing/Toileting/Naps

2:00 pm

Wake-Up (Soft Music -- Hugs)

2:25 pm

Diaper Changing/Toileting

2:30 pm

Group Play

2:45 pm

Conversation (Listening and Talking)

3:00 pm


3:30 pm

Outdoor Play if Weather Permits

4:00 pm

Diaper Changing/Toileting

4:15 pm

Books, Pictures, Music, Story Time

5:00 pm

Free Play - Departures

6:00 pm

Center Closes