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The Center Will Be Closed On

November 24th & 25th  In Observance Of The Thanksgiving Holiday

Imagine That Childcare

Where children are encouraged to

explore, experience, discover and grow!


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Toddlers (19 - 36 Months)

Imagine That Childcare believes that toddlers are amazing little people. They are discovering amazing new things about the world around them each day. They are discovering independence while also beginning to learn that others have feelings also. This is the perfect time to foster development and build strong foundations in all areas of their development.

Our objectives for the Toddler Room are:

  • Cognitive development by matching colors, shapes and objects, and by fitting objects together.
  • Social-emotional development by presenting opportunities to engage in parallel play.
  • Fine motor development through puzzles, lacing, buttons and block play.
  • Develop physical skills through marching, running, hopping, jumping and outdoor play.
  • Intellectual stimulation through identifying, sorting and classify objects.
  • Eye-hand coordination through puzzles, stacking blocks, pegboards, stringing beads and shape sorting toys.
  • Art activities that offer opportunities to enhance development and skills through a variety of materials including coloring, gluing, finger-paining, cutting, and anything else you can imagine!
  • Introducing dramatic play opportunities such as dress up and imaginative play.
  • Singing, music and movement activities daily.